We’re kicking off a Bookstagrammer of the Month feature this month, and we’re so excited to dive in. Since we can’t see as many people in the shop, we decided we ought to get to know a few bookish folks a little bit better, and hopefully put some follow-worthy accounts on your radar to fill your feed with wonderful reads, reviews, and recommendations.

For April, we’re learning more about Alisa, the person behind the account @worldswithinpages. Be sure to follow her — and us! @pagesontheave — on Instagram.

When did you start your account and why?

I started my account…

These late-winner new releases are more than enough to get us through to Spring. We’re still in hibernation, and if you are too, here are the titles we’re loving and reading until the flowers make their long-awaited debut.

Remember, we can always provide personal recommendations! Simply fill out this request and we’ll deliver a few titles to your inbox just for you. You can search our inventory online anytime at pagesbkshop.com.

Milk Fed by Melissa Broder Pairing superlative emotional insight with unabashed vivid fantasy, Broder tells a tale of appetites: physical hunger, sexual desire, spiritual longing, and the ways that…

Black history is American history — and books are one of the best ways to teach, share, and celebrate that history with the kids in your life.

This list has books for ages 0–11. There are stories of everyday families and
historical figures including artists, ballet dancers, politicians, athletes, astronauts, activists, and community leaders. Plus, James Baldwin’s only
children’s book, an upcoming release from the youngest US inaugural poet Amanda Gorman, and a great new book for all ages from Detroit’s Rochelle
Riley. All fantastic reads for any day of the year!

Board Books (ages 0–3)

Handmade Love by bell…

A personal essay by Jazmine Cooper, Pages’ Black Literature and Poetry Curator. See more of her work at jortavia.com, where this piece was originally published.

Jazmine, the author, and Pip, the resident feline advisor at Pages

When I earned my degree in English Literature from Wayne State University in 2017, I didn’t know that reading was no longer a pastime for the majority of the U.S. population, yet I knew from the bottom of my empty bank account and the embossed seal of my degree that reading was imperative. I had earned a whole degree in it. It was important. Throughout my college years I insisted on carrying my library of…

Here we are, embarking on another year. For us, books have been a much-needed companion as well as something we just can’t get into lately, depends on the day. No matter where your reading habits fall, we’re here to give you titles hand-selected by our booksellers.

These are the titles released this month that we’re most looking forward to. We hope it gives you a good place to begin the year. And remember, we can always provide personal recommendations! Simply fill out this request and we’ll deliver a few titles to your inbox just for you. …

Some new stuff, some old stuff, and mostly just things that will make you laugh. November is sure to be a wild ride, so buckle up with something that’s gonna make you feel safe, silly, and whatever you want.

Photo: IG/@ jordanbarronwolfe

Tis the season for tricks, treats, and — dressing up as your favorite fictional character or famous author, of course. Whether you’re looking for ideas for your little ones or yourself, these ideas will give you plenty of lit-spiration.

  1. Gerald and Piggie
    Let’s start with some Mo Willems, shall we? “We are a Halloween Costume!”

We advocate reading widely all year-round, but this month we’re highlighting some of our favorite Latinx works in celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, the officially-named American commemoration of the histories, cultures and contributions of citizens of Latinx, Hispanic and Latino-identified communities. *Please see our note on language below the list.*

This book list includes our favorite contemporary and classic titles, spanning poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and youth literature. For more recommendations, shoot us an email and we’ll find something perfect for you.


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Earlier this month Pages joined Bookshop.org, a website that allows readers to shop for books online and support local, independent bookstores. Just like on Amazon, readers can search and purchase titles, and have them shipped to their doorstep. However, unlike Amazon, the site directs a portion of profits to indie shops.

“Our goal is to take the conscious consumers away from Amazon and put them in a channel that supports local independent businesses and keeps bookstores in their communities,” Andy Hunter, Bookshop.org’s CEO, told the LA Times.

The site launched in January, right before the pandemic shuttered the doors of…

Phyllis Grant’s EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL is a memoir about appetite as it comes, goes, and refocuses its object of desire.

What’s your most recent read?
Good Morning, Destroyer of Men’s Souls by Nina Renata Aron. Nina tells the story of a lifetime of co-dependency. What’s so astonishing about this book is she manages to describe the messiness and sadness and impossibility of loving an addict while still showing the mundanity and the quiet nuances of intimacy. She gracefully and expertly weaves in illuminating feminist texts and the complicated history of Al-Anon.

Where do you call home and why? Berkeley, California is where I grew up and where I am now raising my children. I left for 12 years but I…

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